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Sibirskiye Volki Protection offers a team of professionals specializes in private security and service with UHNW Family.

Private security is regulated by the National Council of Private Security Activities, governed by the Book VI of the Internal Security Code and the Code of Ethics of Private Security, throughout the French territory, our company will guarantee you a serenity in accordance with the legislation and regulations in force.

Internationally, each country has its own private security legislation, our company is able to assist you in your travels, while respecting these laws.

We provide the following services :
  • Close protection
  • Residential security
  • Security driver
  • Travel security
  • CCTV monitoring service
  • Audit
Close protection

Close protection

Effective protection, discreet and adapted to any situation.
Residential security

Residential security

Protection of your residences by close protection officers.
Security driver

Security driver

For safe trips.
Travel security

Travel security

Enjoy the safety of your trips with close protection specialists.
CCTV monitoring service

CCTV monitoring service

Thanks to our specialized partner in 24h / 24 operator monitoring, we can provide a quality service to meet your needs.


To better know your needs and control your budgets in terms of protection.
MyPrivate Transfer

My Private Transfer



R.I.S.C Sécurité

Security and CCTV

B3S Securite

B3S Security



R.I.S.C Détection

K9 explosive detection

SMAT Training

SMAT Training

Bodyguard and close protection training

To contact us
+33 (0) 766 720 060
Sibirskiye Volki Protection
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